Our Services

3D Models, Rendering, VR Experiences, Worksheet Views & Material Lists

Working with your illustrations; hand drawn, pdfs or copies of a CAD drawings, our modeling service builds a 3D BIM model for you in Envisioneer. Depending on the service you require we build the richness of the data into the 3D model.

Do you just need a model for presentation purposes?

Do you need the model for framing illustrations and quantities?

Do you want worksheet views developed?

Whatever the scope of the work our model service can create the BIM model for you.

Using that 3D model, we can:

  • Craft renderings of the rooms that you want to present
  • Upload a VR experience to the HomeViewVR app
  • Create a material report
  • Develop work sheet views

Using specifications from the intake sheet we ensure the materials you specify are in the 3D model and the subsequent views and reports.

Using a ProjectBoard we upload a review copy of the model for your final approval or to request change orders. Once the project is complete the 3D model, renderings, VR experiences, worksheet views and material lists we create for you are all yours to keep. Use them again for your future presentations or use it to develop your own working drawings, estimates or energy analysis using REScheck.

What is the Fee?

Fees are based on the services you use. Each service entails 3D model creation. Whether that be the entire house, just a room or a grouping of rooms, the price is based on the square footage of the space created. The initial model is basic but can have details built into it. The rooms are unfurnished and do not include any finish cabinetry. The exterior doesn’t include any landscaping, decking or hardscaping. There has been no framing done on the walls, floors, roof or ceiling.

If you want to then add on a rendering of a room or have us upload a 3D panoramic view of a room to the HomeViewVR app, we can do that for you. The rooms chosen for the rendering and VR experiences are then fully staged with furnishings and cabinetry (as specified). For exterior renderings and experiences, landscaping is added to the model.

If you want us to add framing materials and generate a subsequent material list, we can do this for you as well. We do not engineer rafters, headers, beams, joist or trusses. All engineered structural components must be calculated by a certified engineer in your local area and provided in the intake form.

Worksheet Drawing sheet package includes:

  • a sheet for each floor plan of each story. Each floor plan is dimensioned, and rooms labeled.
  • a sheet of 4 elevation views. Depending on size of model this may be more than one sheet. Each elevation is hatched according to intake sheet.
  • a sheet showing a section thru the model. Section cut placement to be reviewed and approved during review process.

You tell us the richness of the data you need to pull from the 3D BIM model and we ensure the model meets your needs.


A quote will be sent to you based on the plans that you submit. The fees are based on the following;

  • 3D model creation - Cost/sq. ft. of entire model. This includes unfinished spaces, garages and basements.

Add Ons

  • Interior Staging and Rendering - + Cost/sq.ft of each room rendered.
  • Interior Staging and 360 Panoramic VR upload - +Cost/sq.ft of each room uploaded.
  • Exterior Staging and Rendering - +Cost/sq.ft of entire model
  • Exterior Staging and 360 Panoramic VR upload - +Cost/sq.ft of entire model
  • Material Report - +Cost/ sq.ft of entire model
  • Working Drawing Sheet Package - +Cost/sq. ft of entire model.
  • Change Orders - +Cost/hour. Time estimate will be provided and approved before completion of work.
  • Additional Working Drawing Sheets - +Cost/hour. Time estimate will be provided and approved before completion of work.