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DVD players come in a variety of sizes and have diverse sets of functionality. You can find DVD players that play a single disc or multiple discs, as well as those that update images in interlaced or progressive scan signals. The latest DVD players even allow for playing CDs, MP3s, and AVI video formats, as well as display JPG images. Some even have USB inputs.

Image updating can be either an interlaced or progressive scan signal. Interlaced signals update the image on half of the scan lines every 60th of a second. In other words, on a standard 650x480 television, lines 1,3,5, etc. would be updated at 1/60, while 2,4,6, etc/ would be updated at 2/60 and so on. Progressive scan signals update the image all at once, resulting in a better picture and less “flicker” during playback.

In the past, these increased functionalities meant consuming more energy, but ENERGY STAR DVD players have begun to bridge that gap.

Today’s ENERGY STAR DVD players (which include Blu-Ray players) can save you money and energy, while giving you the features and content you desire. ENERGY STAR products use as little as ¼ of the energy of standard DVD players, yet are equipped with progressive scan functions, Dolby Surround Sound and DTS audio capabilities, multi-language, NTSC/PAL conversion, DIVX/MP3/CD-R/DVD-R playback, etc.

When it comes to home electronics, ENERGY STAR qualification focuses on the reduction of energy while the product is on standby mode rather than while powered on. To qualify for the ENERGY STAR label, DVD and Blu-Ray players must use a maximum of 1 watt on standby. Standard units use up to 10 watts in standby mode.

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 DVD/Blu-Ray Player Tips
Unplug unused electronic equipment
When you are not using you stereo, television, home theatre or gaming system, unplug them. These devices "leak energy." Not only with this save energy, but it will also protect these components from power surges. As an alternative, purchase a power bar and plug multiple devices into it. Turn the button "off" to shut down power to all units.
Look for the ENERGY STAR Label
When buying new, look for ENERGY STAR products to ensure optimal energy savings.