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Electric blankets are a great way to keep warm during the winter and save money on home heating. Electric blankets are blankets with an integrated electrical heating device. Typically, these are placed over the top bed sheet. A variation of this is the electric mattress pad, which uses the tame type of technology, except it is placed under the bottom bed sheet. They can be used to pre-heat a bed before sleep, or used during sleep.

Electric blankets have a handheld control unit to adjust the amount of heat produced by the blanket. Larger electric blankets may even have 2 controls to adjust each side of the bed.

More advanced electric blankets use carbon fiber wires instead of a heating pad, making the presence of heating elements much less noticeable. They produce heat on the far infra-red part of the spectrum and can penetrate through clothes, making better use of every watt of power. These are generally a safer, more efficient and more comfortable alternative to their older predecessors, which many viewed as fire hazards.

Electric blankets are just one way to reduce heating cost. For more ideas, see our tips.

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 Electric Blanket Tips
Put on a sweater or use a blanket
Turn your thermostat down a degree or two and put on a cozy sweater or get under a warm blaket. Better yet, invest in an electric blanket or curl up in front of an energy efficient fireplace.