C2 Update (Build 1761) Fixes:

Model View Commands:

View filter updates for notation and exterior elements
ERP upload adjustment
Corrected Sketchup blocks mirrored components Issue
Fixed “Replace” command for doors with custom door leafs
Revised custom door leafs on corner cabinets
Fixed cabinet front face mirroring issue
Plan underlay update
Updated 2d plan printing
Fixed manufacture library rename issues

Worksheet Commands:

Corrected find & replace for Chinese characters
Improved elevation smart‐view performance / boundary hatching
Corrected roof material rendering for low slope roof
Correction for transparent material rendering
Disabled partial transparency in dynamic cut‐away views
2D member rendering fixes
Fixed black flickering and close surface flickering in VR mode
Corrected missing shadows in VR mode

Display Performance:

OEM Intel driver display update issues
Improved error handling to prevent crashes
Modified updating of tiled windows.
Turned off HDR and postprocessing for 2D to speed up lower end cards
Corrected pre‐selection associated location issue

C1 Update (Build 1747) Fixes:
Model View Commands:

Added new custom Hand written font
Corrected slope dialog preview
ERP upload adjustments
Fixed countertop not snapping to envelop of walls
Fixed update issues when no members existed in framing tool
Door mark placement fixes
Exterior door trim corrected
“Zoom Window” corrected in Import PDF command
Handled switching a window from different aspect ratios
fixed selection when inserting lights that snap to another object,
Removed grid from zoom extents
Glass wall missing in Floor and Foundation Builder
Corrected text in Blocks
Corrected Opening Symbols
Implemented “Apply” in Elevate dialog
View filter updates and corrections
Layer settings updates and corrections
Corrected PDF clipping
Updated 2D lines in parametric cooking appliances
Magenta transparency by default when using the photo board wizard.
Lights were being rendered in hidden line and wire frame
Corrected mirrored column material color change
Fixes to exports and imports
Corrected issue placing sinks in countertops
Fixes to surface element (framing/openings)
Corrected selection and view focus issues
Fixes to section generation
Corrections to TIN Terrain / fill tool

Worksheet Commands:

3D Image of Framing updated
Vertical text justification adjusted
Adjustment to leaders text position is now consistent from model to sheet/ text style
Improved Smartview/section performance and hatching
Corrected 0 length dimension issue in both worksheet & model view
Corrected issues with datum lines, added functionality
Corrected marks offset
Adjustments to attributes (Unicode/justification/editing)
Minor interface cleanup


Corrected 2d background image and texture overriding other materials.
Fixed bug where taskbar would show over presentation mode window
Fixed competing representation issue (e.g.) walls vs. partitions
Improvements to Presentation mode collision detection
Improved Presentation mode GI lighting with HDR and adjustable exposure and gamma
Implemented anti‐aliasing with sun and shadow / raytraced shadows

Display Performance:

Improved error handling to prevent crashes
Removed rescaling of background images
Updates to dialogs for 2K monitors
Background memory cleanup
Added graphic device info to output to screen