Managing File Size


Instructions from Video:

Larger file sizes will increase the load time when trying to open a file. Here are some tips to manage file sizes in Envisioneer.

  • First is the amount of custom blocks you have imported using the Import Object Wizard. While this is a great tool for importing blocks to add to your design, you should take notice of the size of the file you are importing or creating. The more surfaces a block has the larger it will be. As an example, some refrigerators will have all of the interior components included in the block, while this is a great amount of detail, it is a detail that will never be seen in Envisioneer because you cannot open a refrigerator door. You can either edit the block and remove the interior components or you can simply try and find a smaller block.
  • Second is the number of Blocks and SmartViews you insert into your WorkSheets. Every time you insert a Block or SmartView it is stored in the file for future use, even if you delete it out. This is done by design so that in case you decide later on that you do need that block or SmartView you can just insert it again without having to recreate it. Use Insert>Smartviews>Delete Unreferenced Smartviews to the Delete Unreferenced SmartVews and Insert>Blocks>Delete Unreferenced Blocks to delete Unreferenced Blocks options often. This will remove the deleted Blocks and SmartViews from your file and reduce the file size.