“Before purchasing: The cost was much greater than the less capable software out there. Then I contacted an architect, and the cost would have gone way up for his services. Cost was the biggest concern, but after comparing the other alternatives, I decided that Envisioneer gave me the most flexibility for the cost.

I’ve had many years working with 3D CAD and Envisioneer is on par with the best of them. What surprised me the most is the framing capability of the program. It knows the difference between a cripple, jack, and stud! I love the fly-through animation and real time fly through. Gives me the feeling I’ve been there before!

I certainly would recommend Envisioneer. Even though the cost is steep, the capabilities are worth the cost. It’s not hard to learn, so you can get result for estimating fast. The program is great for those who only have one or two major projects to do, since it’s very capable, and compared to some other programs, is not as expensive (contrary to my complaining above!).

I was able to produce a set of plans and estimates for the addition to our home with Envisioneer. This saved my wife and I several thousand dollars alone.”

Steven Sorrels – Homeowner
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