Improvements and Fixes
• Ability to export all existing Catalog items including purchased items to a text file.
• Ability to import all existing Catalog items including purchased items from a text file.
• Improved the rendering process of Timber Framing objects when the number of members is two and the members have to be rotated.
• Fixed issues executing the Array and Lengthen commands for Timber Framing objects.
• Fixed the issues printing a view from 3D Perspective and displaying the background.
• Fixed the Ceiling Framing direction issue.
• Improved the system functionality for High DPI resolution on 4K Monitor.

Installation Notes:
There are a couple of ways to obtain the patch, please read below for the one that best suits your needs.

1. Check for Updates. In Envisioneer select Help > Check for Updates. This will download the update and then install the program update, but will not update the catalog with any of the changes we have made.
2. Install Full Product. If you want to take advantage of the Catalog changes you will need to do a full install. The easiest method is to install over your existing version. You can obtain the latest version here.

NOTE: If you wish to keep your existing Catalogs and Templates and are doing a full install, make sure that you back them up, otherwise you will lose any changes you have made. This may adjust some of your program settings as well. Here is a Document to step you through that process.