When you insert elements into a model using Cadsoft software, the bottom area of the screen will always prompt you with directions, this area is referred to as the “Commander” area. When you insert a member, the Commander will prompt you to “Pick first insertion point” and is also looking for the “Base Height”. The Base Height option allows you to type in the height of the top of the member in relation to the floor. So for example if I wanted to insert this Crown moulding so the top of it is sitting 8′ off the floor I would type in the Base Height value of 8′ and then hit the TAB key on the keyboard. The tab key will set this value, I then go ahead and “Pick first insertion point”. Now using the direction prompts in the Commander I can enter an exact distance or length of my member, tab over to type in the direction I want it to go and if I want it to be on a slope I can even change the Z or height value of the member so it started at 8′ but it could end at 4′. Once all the values are in, hit Enter to accept them and the member is inserted. It is then ready to insert the next piece or you can right click and tell it you are Finished. I hope that makes your Cadsoft work, one step easier.