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Update many obsolete blocks

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    Client wanted to resume a concept that had been put “on hold” 10 years ago (in Envisioneer 6)

    Many blocks needed updating so I thought the new copy/paste in v14 would be the way to go. It included 19 worksheets, 19 titleblocks, 19 logo/contact details as well as a dozen or so others. However it seems the block definition in the current bld is considered immutable. I was hoping it would be handled in the same way Insert Block from File works ie user is asked whether the block definition should be Redefined or Renamed.

    Insert Block from File brings all the block definitions from the source bld into the current bld – something I avoid like the plague.

    The solution was to start a new bld, gut it, purge all blocks then copy/paste just the updated blocks I required into it. SAVEAS something unforgettable.

    Then in the bld that required titleblocks etc to be updated, Insert Block from File, specify “something unforgettable” as the source . . . .

    then opt to Redefine.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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