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    Is there a way to turn off the object detection?  I have a 5′-0″ tub and framing with a 5′-1″ frame to frame dim.   It will not let me place the tub with that tight of a fit.  I know there is a setting somewhere.  Does it turn off all object detection of can I turn off just that one object?


    Hello MDD,

    If you turn off COLLISION as shown in pic below you will be able to put tub in, after you’re done turn it back on the same way. yes it does turn it off for all objects but if you turn it back on, it will be on again for all objects. But it will not do anything to the tub.

    (forgot to add COLLISION should be down in bottom right corner of screen)



    The function key “F9” also toggles the collision control on and off as a quick key.


    Silly Cadsoft…I got tired of this inaccurate little issue a while ago and simply edited the tub/shower combo unit’s default length to 4′-11 15/16″ to fit within the sheetrocked walls

    The issue is that tub and/or shower units don’t typically get sheetrock placed on the walls behind them…and when you do it better be green board.

    The problem with adjusting the walls out to fit the T/S combo unit is that Cadsoft apparently isn’t aware that a standard tub/shower combo unit is 5′-0″ and this is also the framing dimensions the plan should reflect, however, you can’t ‘un-sheetrock’ a portion of wall…well, you can but…seriously?

    So if you set your walls 5′-1 1/16″ apart, (allowing for the 1/2″ sheetrock each side) the tub/shower will fit with collision on, but this is not factually correct…when your framers go to set a real T/S combo they gon’ be pissed to find the walls are 1-1/16″ too far apart.

    The only accurate solution is to make the Cadsoft tub/shower unit inaccurate by reducing its length (4′-11 15/16″) to fit between the sheetrocked walls at 5′ apart, since it doesn’t matter if the unit you show isn’t correct as long as the walls are.

    Your plan will be accurate and the default tub/shower combo unit will fit with collision on

    Of course you can simply turn collision off and manually set it in place each time…

    Disclaimer: Obviously not all fixture units are the same dimension and one should verify unit framing dimensions if they deviate from standards.

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