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The roof or attic is without a doubt the most important area to insulate in your home. Over 60% of structural heat loss occurs through the roof and attic, all because heat rises.

Thankfully, the attic or roof is the most cost-effective area to add insulation. This is a project that can be carried out by a professional, or the homeowner. However, if you choose to do this project yourself, you will likely be limited to using fiberglass batts. A contractor would be able to blow in loose insulation over existing ceiling joists. Whatever your choice, be sure that the new insulation you add is the same as what currently exists in your attic.

To learn more about the various choices of insulation and their application, visit the insulation page in our exterior section.

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Caulk and weatherstrip prior to adding additional insulation
If you plan on adding more insulation to your walls or attic, remember to seal all leaks and gaps with caulking and add new weatherstripping where necessary. Patch any foundation cracks with the appropriate material. Leakage can lead to moisture and damage the new insulation.