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If your home's siding has seen better days, re-siding is a perfect opportunity to significantly increase your home's resale value, as well as maximize energy efficiency.

Siding and insulation have improved greatly, but the finest siding is not good enough without proper insulation. In fact, claims about the R value of siding are related more to the insulation that is installed along with them than to the siding itself. Siding and insulation have several jobs to do beyond sheathing the home and insulating it from the elements. Insulation must keep the area between the insulation and the walls free of insects, dirt and moisture. Moisture is of particular concern. Some types of insulation can trap moisture inside the walls, causing mold, mildew, rot and even structural damage by bowing and warping. Insulation must allow moisture to "wick" to the outside without losing insulating integrity.

Energy conservation has taken giant strides over the past five to seven years. Re-siding with today’s modern sidings and insulations is the perfect juncture to bring together the whole package: improved energy efficiency, full confidence that moisture is not a problem, and a new level of curb appeal.

Many people believe that brick is a great natural insulator. However, to achieve significant insulating value, you need to have insulation on the interior of the building.



Foams (rigid boards)

3.6 - 7.5

Cellulose (loose blown)

2.8 - 3.8

Perlite (Conc. blk. fill)

2.5 - 4.0

Rockwool (batts)

2.8 - 3.7

High Density Fiberglass (batts)

3.2 - 3.5

Fiberglass (batts or blown)

2.2 - 3.2

Vermiculite (conc. blk. fill)

2.4 - 3.0





Wood Siding


Concrete Blocks


Gypsum Board - 1/2"








1/4" Wood Paneling


1/2" Dryvit


If you live in an older brick home, it’s difficult and expensive to improve the R value of your exterior walls. Your best insulation opportunity may be inside rather than outside.

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