Green Home Tips

Save money and energy with these green home energy tips. Your room by room guide to saving energy at home.

Bathroom Green Bathroom Tips
Since 13% of the energy consumed in a typical home goes to heating hot water, following some green bathroom tips can save you a lot of energy and a lot of money. A large portion of that energy is for hot water for baths or showers.
  Kitchen Green Kitchen Tips
There are lots of ways to reduce the energy you use in your kitchen because electrical appliances consume about 30% of the energy in your house. Your refrigerator alone may account for about 8% of your total energy costs. Check out our green home tips.
Bedroom Green Bedroom Tips
Lighting uses about 11% of the total energy consumed in the average home. New compact flourescent lights are more than 5 times as efficient than regular incandescent lights.
  Family Green Family Room Tips
Heating and cooling can represent up to 45% of your home’s energy bill. So the thermostat setting for your family room and the rest of your house will have a big impact on your energy bill.
Exterior Green Exterior Tips
New homes are built to a much higher energy efficiency standard than old homes. If you live in an older home, you can make a big difference to your energy use by upgrading your insulation and sealing the building envelope.
  Roof Green Roof Tips
Up to one third of the heat produced in your home may be lost through the roof. In northern climates the recommended R value is 32 – 50 for your attic and roof.
Utility Room Green Utility Room Tips
Heating, cooling, and hot water make up about 58% of the total energy bill for an average home. In the utility room, we reveal the tips that can have the biggest impact in turning your home green. And best to do it now while there are rebates available for upgrades.