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Energy used in homes represents almost one third of all of the energy produced in North America. That means every homeowner is responsible for releasing a huge amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. The good news is that by making small changes, we can make a big difference.

At Green3DHome, we want to help homeowners reduce their home’s energy use so they can save money and save the planet.

Green3DHome.com helps homeowners reduce their energy use by providing:
  • Deep and relevant content regarding home energy use
  • Tools that assist users in understanding their specific home’s energy use
  • Professional and community based tips, tricks and solutions on reducing energy use
  • Connections to relevant builders, designers and green building products
  • Motivation that comes from being part of a community
  • Free software to model their homes in 3D
So start your education with the Top ten things you can do on the Go Green page, or by reviewing the Energy Sources section. Check out your house compared to typical homes in your area on the Save $ page. Or join the community and ask questions about how to improve the energy efficiency in your home.

It’s within your power to make a difference to air pollution and global warming. You may be surprised to learn how easy it is.