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Going Green with BIM
You can’t have a discussion about the building industry today without the topic turning towards "going green". Read More

Alternative Building Methods - Straw Bale
Straw bale construction has existed for centuries in many agricultural regions where wheat, rice, rye and other grains are grown. Read More

Product Review - Siding Part 3
Stucco and plaster finishes are much more popular in the Southwest and in areas with higher humidity and precipitation. Read More

The Container House - Part Two: A Few Examples
The Container House - Part Two: A Few Examples
Here are three of our favorite home designs using shipping containers. Read More

The Polli-Brick Interview - Part 2
Polli-Bricks are designed to address exterior curtain wall construction in commercial buildings, especially the typical “big-box” store common in the suburban context. Read More

Renewable Options: Geothermal
Geothermal energy is perhaps the most consistent renewable energy resource. Just a few feet under the surface,the temperature of the ground remains fairly constant year round. Read More

The Polli-Brick Interview - Part 1
Polli-Brick is a recycled polymer product intended as a curtain wall system, replacing glass systems, but as we will explore, has more far reaching range of uses. Read More

Renewable Options: Wind
Although the power of wind is enormous, wind is inconsistent in direction, in strength and when it blows. Among the three renewable energy resources that we will explore, wind is the least consistent. Read More

Product Review - Siding Part 2
Brick and stone have long been seen as the high end of home siding, presenting an image of permanence and luxury. Read More

Renewable Options: Solar
There are three primary methods to harness the power of the sun in our houses. Passive strategies, photo-voltaic panels, and solar thermal technology. Read More

The Container House - Part One: Why Containers?
In the United States we import a much higher volume of manufactured good than we export. Those goods come in steel shipping containers stacked high on cargo ships containers that go unused in America. Read More

Product Review - Siding Part 1
What’s the first thing people recognize about your home? Probably the siding material. Read More

Product Review - Carpets Aren’t Green
Carpet is one of the most controversial materials that we put in our homes, and carpeting is not green. Read More

Product Review - Low & No VOC Paints
You are probably familiar with that “new house” smell. That smell is a result of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released into your indoor air. This odor can be detrimental to your health. Read More

Product Review - Windows
Every home needs a view to the outside and to allow natural light inside. The bad news is that glass by itself is a poor insulator so windows can be the leaking sieve of a house, allowing warm or cool air to escape at phenomenal rates. Read More

Technology Review: Hot Water Heaters
Hot water doesn’t have to come from a large tank any more. This article will look at traditional tank water heaters as well as others to help you decide what is best for your hot water needs. Read More

International Builders Show 2010
This January we spent 3 days walking the floor of the International Builders Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Read More

Product Review - Insulation
Proper insulation plays an important role in creating energy efficient, sustainable homes. Read More

Shedding Some Light on Bulb Options
It's not simple to buy light bulbs these days. What's with all these choices? Read More

Green Certifications: The Real McCoys
In a previous article, we exposed how some companies use false certifications to promote products as sustainable. Read More

Greenwashing – The Dirty Truth
Greenwashing is the practice of promoting the green attributes of a product to increase sales, even though that product may have not earned the touted green credentials. Read More

5 More Easy Steps Toward a Greener Home
So you've taken the first five steps to making your home a little greener. These next steps are still pretty easy, but some have costs as well. Read More

5 Easy Steps Toward a Greener Home
Whether you are out looking for that new (to you) home, building from the ground up or just wanting to make your beloved home greener than it was yesterday, we have 5 easy green suggestions. Read More

Top Ten GreenHome Sites
We looked at over 100 sites. We sifted, calculated and ranked. Here's our pick of the best of the web for green home sites. Read More

Saving energy starts at home
Not long ago, my wife, PJ, and I tried a new diet—not to lose a little weight but to answer a nagging question about climate change. Scientists have reported recently that the world is heating up even faster than predicted only a few years ago... Read More

Earth Day for greenhorns
TOMORROW MAY BE the first Earth Day since 1970 when a majority of Americans are actually aware it's happening. The eco-holiday went underground for decades and had a low-key relaunch in the 1990s... Read More

Modular homes with green building and custom design options
When you hear the words - modular homes - you could be forgiven for imagining something rather less exotic than the quality of homes custom built by Westchester Modular Homes. Your probably think along the lines... Read More